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Ring-around-the-collar is a century old problem whose time has finally come.  Whether you’re an individual that has been searching for a solution to this aggravating, embarrassing nuisance or a company that recognizes the need in the marketplace, Dirt Clerk Products is excited to offer you our revolutionary, patented collar liners.


Uniforms & Apparel  Dirt Clerk Collar Protector Can Protect Your Uniform     

  • Stop throwing away expensive uniforms. Protect with the Dirt Clerk collar liner.
  • Eliminate unprofessional looking stained collars while in the workplace.
  • More sanitary and promotes a personal hygiene solution.
  • Adjustable collar liners create a custom fit for every neck size, man or women.
  • The soft, silky comfort around the neck makes people WANT to use them.
  • Save money and increase your bottom line.

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Dirt Clerk Collar Liner Can Protect Your Uniforms Preventing Ring Around The Collar