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Ring-around-the-collar is a century old problem whose time has finally come.  Whether you’re an individual that has been searching for a solution to this aggravating, embarrassing nuisance or a company that recognizes the need in the marketplace, Dirt Clerk Products is excited to offer you our revolutionary, patented collar liners.


Specialty Retailer  Carry And Sell Dirt Clerk Collar Protectors In Your Store

Dirt Clerk Products offers your retail location a unique, value added product that is demanded by a wide array of consumers. Capitalize on this ingenious product to help curb the ring-around-the-collar dilemma. Who should carry this product line……

  • Garment Retailers
  • Drug Stores
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Big Box Retailers
  • Hotels
  • Airports

Garment Retailers….. Attractive, clear message packaging enhances the overwhelming demand for this product that is going to re-shape the dress shirt industry. Consumers will save hundreds of dollars p/year in shirt replacement costs yet offer retailers a value added, consumable product to compliment your garment sales. The biggest advantage with Dirt Clerk’s collar liners is its patented, adjustable size liners that reduce the SKU’s to only 2 (two) each for both men and women, saving shelf and floor space.

Dry Cleaning Services…… Why not help protect your customer’s investment with a value added service. First, you service their dry cleaning needs. Second, you offer them an economical solution to extend the life of their shirts by using Dirt Clerk collar liners in-between dry cleaning trips. You’ll not only add to your bottom line, but you’ll gain an appreciation from your customers. It’s a Win-Win situation – You’ll never have to worry about getting those stubborn collar stains out of their shirt collars…..and neither will they.

Hotels….. Offer this unique, and much appreciated, product to your guests. The business professional that is on-the-go will love this complimentary, value added product. In less than 1 minute, your guest can protect their shirt from embarrassing ring-around-the-collar stains while attending important business meetings for the day…..and owe it all you. Just add this individual, privately labeled, ploy-bagged collar liner with their complementary laundry bag and they’ll be impressed with your gesture and generosity.

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