Business Professionals

Ring-around-the-collar is a century old problem whose time has finally come.  Whether you’re an individual that has been searching for a solution to this aggravating, embarrassing nuisance or a company that recognizes the need in the marketplace, Dirt Clerk Products is excited to offer you our revolutionary, patented collar liners.


Dirt Clerk for Business Professionals on the GO! Wear Dirt Clerk Collar Protectors With Your Business Attire   

  • Don’t be the laugh of the office with embarrassing, stained shirt collars.
  • Attend business meetings with confidence knowing you don’t have ring-around-the-collar.
  • Extend the life of your shirts…….. Save Money $$$$.
  • Extend wears between washing or dry cleaning……. Save Money $$$$.
  • Come home from work and with one easy pull, you’ve just removed the sweat and stains you’ve been accustomed to seeing embedded in your shirt collar.
  • No need to scrub or use abrasive chemicals to clean your collars.
  • Soft, silky comfort around your neck makes wearing a tie and enjoyable experience.

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