About Us

I Had A Dream….

While standing in my clothing store back in March of 2005, I was confronted by a customer that asked me if there was any way to prevent his shirts from being ruined by ring-around-the-collar. Short of telling him the same old story of cleaners and chemicals, I jokingly told him to try putting some tape inside of his shirt collar.

Later that night, I sat in bed thinking about the comment I made that afternoon and how stupid it was, but yet how clever it might be if there was actually a way to protect your shirts with some type of collar liner. I remember jumping out of bed and stumbling toward my closet grabbing one of my shirts. Literally, and figuratively, the light bulb went on and the idea was born.

I immediately began searching the internet to see if my idea was already taken. Of course, someone had already thought of the idea….just my luck. However, the one company that was selling a collar liner protector was doing so in a roll form. You had to buy a roll, cut it to length and taper the ends to fit. I knew that was too much work and too time consuming for a repeat user. I knew there had to be a better way.

In 2007, I began contacting several fabric companies in search of the perfect combination of feel, breathability, integrity and wear resistance. After several months of testing dozens of fabrics and glues we found the right combination. The only thing left was to figure out how to offer all of the neck sizes without having 18 different sizes for Men (14″, 14-1/2″, 15″, 15-1/2″……. 22″) and 14 sizes for Ladies. After some consulting and brainstorming, it was apparent that we would have to offer an adjustable design consisting of a perforated tear-away tab system. Again, after doing several months of design and testing, Dirt Clerk Products, LLC was formed and our “tear-away tab” ® design was patented.

By 2009, the manufacturing partners were formed and our marketing strategy began to take shape. Our slogan, “Clean without a ring”® became our registered trademark and our Sweeper-guy logo depicted our mission of sweeping shirt collars clean around the globe.

We hope you will experience the Dirt Clerk advantage the next time you become frustrated with ruining your shirt or having to cope with that embarrassing ring-around-the-collar. We look forward to seeing you dressed in comfort and wearing your shirts, “Clean without a ring”®.

Sincerely yours,
George Whitfield