About Us

I Had A Dream….

While standing in my clothing store back in March of 2005, I was confronted by a customer that asked me if there was any way to prevent his shirts from being ruined by ring-around-the-collar. Short of telling him the same old story of cleaners and chemicals, I jokingly told him to try putting some tape inside of his shirt collar.

Our Product

Dirt Clerk collar liners are about to revolutionize the dress shirt industry. Introducing the first and only patented (Patent # D675401) adjustable collar liner designed to protect your shirt from that aggravating “ring-around-the-collar” embarrassment.

Product Markets

Ring-around-the-collar is a century old problem whose time has finally come.  Whether you’re an individual that has been searching for a solution to this aggravating, embarrassing nuisance or a company that recognizes the need in the marketplace, Dirt Clerk Products is excited to offer you our revolutionary, patented collar liners.